Training Classes & Workshops

Engage Look. Listen. Be. to coach your Frontline or Management teams. Wanda successfully adapts these classes to suit many industries including finance, healthcare, retail, government, utilities, insurance, education. We also provide a variety of approaches to improve performance so you can choose what works for your company.

Frontline Classes – Look. Listen. Be. offers popular customer service, sales, and interaction classes to improve quality and satisfy customers. Learn how you can handle difficult situations, increase your professionalism and improve your results.

Management Classes – We also offer workshops so you can more effectively manage and lead your teams. Does your coaching program foster trust? Transform performance to exceed your expectations? We can show you how.

Other Classes – Be sure to let us know about other classes you require to effect a positive change in your performance.

“I have taken part in a great deal of training sessions conducted by outside consultants. Most have good content and the facilitators are energetic, but you leave the training asking yourself how you can apply what they were teaching to your day to day business.

This is not the case with Wanda. Yes, she has great content and is very energetic, but she takes the time to understand your business needs and your employees. Her diligence in knowing your business and goals is what makes her different, and why your employees and organization will benefit from working with her.”

Erik Schwink, Director of Customer Care, BGE Home

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