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Your ability to serve your customers and build relationships depends on the strength of your skills. Sharpen your employees’ skills with these classes.

Living Your Company Brand Promise in Your Customer Interactions
Sales Boot Camp with HEART
Email Elements
Managing Difficult Customers
Words & Tone
Effective Cross-Selling
Listening Well the First Time
Manage the Customer Experience
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Living Your Company Brand Promise in Your Customer Interactions

Demystify "brand terminology" and lofty marketing language so your representatives are better poised to reinforce your company promise and reflect your company personality while meeting universal customer expectations. Many contact centers equate brand identity with "world class customer service" never fully aligning what the customer will experience on the frontline with the image marketing constructs to promote company vision. Apply concrete tools to live your brand in your customer conversations whether by phone, emails, chats or social media responses so customers will resolve to demonstrate their loyalty by coming back again and again. (This workshop is best taught as a highly customized session in two parts, though not limited to that format.)

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Sales Boot Camp with HEART

Learn a sales framework that puts the needs of the customer at the heart of your interactions in order to transform each interaction into a satisfying one while catapulting your bottom-line results. Whether an outbound representative, inside sales expert, or life-long service team member, you'll come away from this intense workshop with the skills you need to embrace sales as essential to service and with a sales model you can count on to guide your conversations.

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Email Elements: A Better Way to Connect with Your Customers
Content also available in Extended Version You Can Own

Delivering warm and professional customer service through email is no easy task. First, you have to read between the lines to figure out what the customer is really asking. Then, you have to compose a clear and concise response that builds rapport - as efficiently as possible. Email Elements uses examples of good and bad emails to help you assess your skills and improve interactions.

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Managing Difficult Customers: Your Guide to Real Empathy and Problem Solving

Take your ability to handle difficult and distressed customers to the next level as we experience more anxiety in our centers than ever in this economic climate! Explore how your own fight or flee mode is ignited and why you and your customers can lose control. Learn why tapping the feelings behind messages is critical to a successful response. You'll take away key phrases that convey empathy with sincerity and how to demonstrate your commitment to building customer relationships even with disgruntled customers. You will also explore ways to diffuse anger and better handle the stress associated with managing these interactions.

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Words & Tone: Maximizing Your Vocal Image for Customer Service

What you say and how you say it impacts your credibility and customer relationships. Enhance your own and your company's professional image by practicing vocal techniques that maximize your voice and positively impact customer service. In this course, you'll learn to express yourself with the utmost confidence as the voice of your company so customers trust your company and your message.

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Grammar-at-a-Glance to Quickly and Easily Enhance Frontline Communication

None of us remembers all those dos and don'ts of grammar we learned in high school. Now you can zone in on the few that matter and will make all the difference in your communication. No wonder we're confused: "English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar!" (Author unknown). Grammar-at-a-Glance reminds you of simple rules of grammar that you can apply right away without having to guess what "sounds right."

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Effective Cross-Selling and Upselling to Boost Revenue & Loyalty

You've got the perfect products or services to compliment your customers' orders. How can you introduce the companion without turning off your customers? Learn how to make a cross-sell or upsell connection at just the right time for the most customer appeal. And learn that sometimes it's not about the bottom-line; it's about the value proposition. This class focuses on recognizing the subtleties of your customers' needs, so you can make the right match.

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Listening Well the First Time: Cutting Through Barriers by Opening Your Ears & Mind

Choosing to hear only what you want to hear won't get you too far on the job. Learn to listen to underlying messages and the needs of others to achieve real customer satisfaction. Listening well the first time saves you time and energy and shows respect for your customers and co-workers.

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Using Your Brain, Heart, & Courage to Manage the Customer Experience

Ever wonder if you really work in the Land of Oz? You're whirled on the phones after a cyclone of training (or sometimes no training to speak of), navigate your way along a not so clearly marked yellow brick road from one customer to the next, and may be preoccupied with thoughts that there's no place like home. Even in the most trying of circumstances, all you really need in order to be the best you can be is Your Heart, Your Brains & Your Courage. Learn ways to rely on yourself to manage the customer experience.

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Other Classes - What other topics are you interested in?

Learn valuable time management techniques, ways to reduce stress, internal customer writing techniques and more. Just contact us.

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Branding in the Interaction Center

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Do Your Contact Center Reps Brand Their Customer Interactions?
Are Your Contact Center Conversations in Sync With Your Social Media Messages?

Read what you said about branding in the interaction center over 10 years ago. Compare where you are today with where you were. Surprisingly, the needle may not have moved very far for many of us. However, with the advent of social media and the maturation of the branding industry, marketing departments and contact centers must begin working together to close the gap between our projected brand personalities and what customers actually experience on the phone and online. Download here.

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